Abdel Wahab Badrakhan, Dar al Hayat, Is al-Zirqawi in Lebanon now? Statements on the Internet websites can take him anywhere. Yet, announcing that his organization is responsible for launching missiles from South Lebanon toward Israeli settlements is a clear message to the Americans rather than the Israelis.Guess who benefits from instigating such a message?Could it be Saddam Hussein, for instance, or the Iraqi resistance, which is striving to extend its struggle to Palestine through Lebanon? Of course not. Could it be "Hezbollah" or some Palestinian groups present in Lebanon, especially "the People’s Front – General Command"? The answer is also no, because these organizations cannot solely call in "Al Qaeda", welcome it, and bear its burdens. As such, if al-Zirqawi really arrived to Lebanon, the party that led him to Iraq led him to Lebanon, i.e. Syria and Iran.

It is most likely that the terrorist organization is not yet present in Lebanon; however, it is not unlikely that it has advocates therein. Did these advocates grow to have the potential to hold missiles and transpierce South Lebanon to launch them on Israel? If this is the case, the situation should alarm the Lebanese army first, and then Hezbollah. In other words, it should alarm the Lebanese government with its rift between Syrian proponents and opposers. Such transpiercing is unjustified except for mere destructive motives and has nothing to do with smart "resistance" that the Lebanese supported -despite the divergence in points of views – and still refuse to undermine its importance. As long as these suspicions swirled around the "General Command" with respect to launching the missiles, this organization has become, following the report of "al-Qaeda", either "innocent" or on the contrary linked to "al-Qaeda". In both cases, its status must be clarified, since this is not the first suspicion that it has been subjected to.

The government should be concerned because it is responsible for the army, and the army should be concerned because it is covering "Hezbollah’s" operations and is not involved in the operations of "al-Qaeda" or even "the General Command", except if this Lebanese-Syrian security organization is still heedlessly operating without changing its tactics. Similarly, "Hezbollah" should be concerned because through this operation and al-Zirqawi’s statement, it found out that "resistance" is no longer its sole mission. In view of the fact that it is involved in the Lebanese political act, there is no need to embarrass it with contrived and targeted strikes, which could be assigned to other organizations. But the party was in an awkward position regardless, not because it was against striking Israel, but the current political course in Lebanon summons it to be clear and transparent in words as in deeds. Thus, how can it justify its acceptance to be extensively transpierced and appear to be uncontrolling of the land from which it is waging the resistance.

To say that al-Zirqawi’s group reached South Lebanon and launched missiles unnoticed, neither by the Lebanese army nor by "Hezbollah" and without being at least "overlooked" or given a pass, is exactly like saying that a massive operation like the assassination of Rafik Hariri and his companions took place under the very eyes of the Syrian and Lebanese secret service. It is also similar to the recurrent assassination acts. When absolutely no one is aware, this simply means that everyone knows and does not dare to oppose, fearing from being the next target.

Despite everything, it is hard to imagine the presence of al-Zirqawi’s organization in Lebanon, since the party apt to host it cannot bear his speech and sectarian fanaticism. As for the other party that is supposed to harbor him, it is in a hostile political and social mood. This does not hinder those who manipulate terrorism and destruction to use a "scarecrow" inside and outside. They could carry out, in its name, the dirtiest acts against Lebanese and foreigners. The rule of "al-Qaeda" is that it is undeterred by principles or restraints. Even if al-Zirqawi never reached Lebanon, he won’t oppose meeting requests to issue statements proclaiming his responsibility for this or that. Everything is possible in the age of privatization and cloning… even in terrorism.