December 12: Prominent anti-Syrian MP and journalist Gibran Tueni and three others are killed in a car bomb attack as they travel through the Mekallis area of eastern Beirut.

September 25: May Chidiac, a well-known television news journalist for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, is seriously wounded by a car bomb in Jounieh, north of Beirut.

 September 17: A powerful blast rocks the Ashrafiyeh district of Beirut, killing one person and injuring at least 22 more.

August 22: At least two people are injured when an explosion takes place outside a hotel and shopping centre in the Zalka suburb of Beirut.

July 22: Several people are injured in a car bomb blast in a busy Beirut street.

July 12: Former defence minister Elias Murr – a staunch supporter of Syria – and two others are killed in a bomb attack as his motorcade passes through the affluent Beirut suburb of Antelias.

  June 21: Ex-Lebanese Communist Party leader George Hawi and critic of Syria is killed when his car blows up as he travels through the Wata Musaitbi district of Beirut.

June 2: Anti-Syrian journalist Samir Qasir is killed in a car bomb outside his home in Ashrafiyeh.

May 7: At least one person is killed and seven are injured in an explosion in Jounieh, east of Beirut.

  March 27: A bomb explodes in a mainly Christian area of Beirut, wounding at least six people.

March 23: Three people are killed when a bomb explodes in a shopping centre in Kaslik, near Jounieh.

March 19: A car bomb has wounds at least 11 people in a predominantly Christian suburb of Beirut, New Jdeideh.

February 14 2005: Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri – a critic of Syria – is killed by a massive truck bomb blast in Beirut. 20 others were killed by the explosion – including former minister Bassel Fleihan.

October 1 2004: Marwan Hamadeh, a former Lebanese minister is injured and his driver killed in a blast near his home on Beirut’s seafront.