Former Lebanese Prime Minister Salim al-Hoss on Friday voiced great regret over some Lebanese to exploit the assassination of ex-prime Minister Rafic Hariri to serve flagrant political purposes. In a statement issued on Friday, al-Hoss said “The assassination mustn’t be invested to deepen the national division which Hariri was avoiding to enter in till the last moment of his life because he was aware of the dangerous results of what is going on for the destiny of the national unity in Lebanon.”

Hoss vehemently criticized calls of some Lebanese for withdrawal of Syria form Lebanon saying that “Withdrawal of Syrian forces from Lebanon should be carried out in accordance with an agreement between Syrian and Lebanese states and reconciliation among all Lebanese parties.” “Lebanese big and important causes should not be solved except through commitment to the national unity,” Hoss said.

Meantime, Hizbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrullah renewed the call for dialogue among Lebanese stressing that Israel is the only beneficiary from any internal division or crisis.

“The assassination crime may be a trap set to put pressure on Syria and Lebanon together,” Nasrullah said calling for protection of the national resistance in Lebanon.

For his part, Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Fadllala held Israel responsible for the assassination of Hariri because it doesn’t want Lebanon to be a stable and a secure country.

During a Friday prayer sermon, Fadllala urged the Arab and Islamic peoples to face foreign dangers through further readiness, strength, consciousness and unity of stance to overcome the current difficult stage.