Justice Ministry looks to drafting new electoral law

Qabbani says goal is real representation

Daily Star , May 23, 2005

BEIRUT: The Justice Ministry’s Committee for Unifying and Modernizing Laws has formed a subcommittee that will have one month to draft a new modern electoral law in line with the Constitution and the Taif Accord.

Justice Minister Khaled Qabbani made the announcement Saturday following a meeting held with the committee at the Justice Ministry.

The committee comprises of legal experts who voluntarily help the government in drafting various laws.

Qabbani stressed the need for the draft law to include all principles ensuring balanced and real political representation and to truly express the Lebanese people’s aspirations. 

He said the new Parliament would discuss the draft law after it is completed, and after it is thoroughly examined by civil society and various political forces.

“By that, we would have started seriously, just as we promised and as all political forces are demanding, to work on drafting a new and modern electoral law that would satisfy the Lebanese people’s aspirations,” Qabbani said.

Formed by former Justice Minister Bahij Tabbara, the work of the Committee for Unifying and Modernizing Laws was suspended for a considerable length of time. – The Daily Star