Syria has called through its state-controlled Damascus daily Tishreen for a massive demonstration in Lebanon’s capital Beirut on Thursday, to overthrow premier Fouad Siniora’s government. The call was widely dubbed by the Lebanese media as a flagrant intervention in Lebanon’s domestic affairs in defiance of the global pressure on the Al-Asad regime to take its hands off Lebanon and submit unconditionally to all demands made by the U.N. commission investigating Rafiq Al-Hariri’s assassination.

 The Lebanese daily A-Nahar noted on Tuesday that not a single political group in Lebanon has announced any plans to demonstrate in Beirut or elsewhere in Lebanon in order to topple Siniora’s government, when it will be holding a debate for a way out of the fuel crisis on Thursday.

For its part, the Syrian daily Tishreen predicted that the widespread riots in northern and eastern Lebanon over high fuel prices over the past three days would escalate into a massive ‘orange’ demonstration in Beirut Thursday, demanding the ouster of the government under the slogan of ‘Cold + Famine = Revolt.’