The Shehab Emirs and the Khazen Lords

03 April 2008

Emir Haidar, grandfather of all Shehab Emirs found on Mount Lebanon, had the Yamnies dismissing him from his position and placing Emir Youssef Elm Al Din instead. Following this, he escaped and disappeared in Hermel caves and sent the rest of his family to the Khazen Cheikhs who  hid them around villages of Kesserwan making sure that they receive all they need; at the same time, they kept in touch with the Emir sending him weapons to defend him self and advices how to act. 

At that time, Emir Youssef Al Yamni sent soldiers towards the Khazen Cheikhs demanding Emir-hood payments. Following this, Cheikh Nader son of Khater son of Abi Nawfal El Khazen turned to Deir El Kammar to settle down the issue leading Emir Youssef exempt them, and promise them special considerations.

A year after, Emir Haidar Shehab and the Khazen Cheikhs were ready for a battle. The Emir arrived in El Metn and the Khazen Cheikhs with their fighters from Keserwan joined him. Their commander was Cheikh Serhan son of Nawfal called Abi Nassif El Khazen. Indeed, the war erupted between the Kaissis and the Yamnies in Jard County which led to the defeat of the Yamnies.

Following this, Emir Haidar was returned back to his previous position and again, he confirmed rule of the Khazen Cheikhs over Kesserwan the county. The Emir’s advisors of course were of the Khazen Cheikhs but virtually, they ruled all areas in the country.

In year 1731, Emir Haidar died in Deir El Kammar and his son Emir Melhem replaced him. Again, in his period, the Khazen Cheikhs managed matters of Keserwan the county; their ongoing reputation as to authorities management, only increased to become more and more appreciated.

In year 1755, Emir Melhem wished his brother, Emir Mansour, would replace him a thing which was approved by the Khazen Cheikhs. Emir Mansour appointed Cheikh Abi Anton son of Sleiman son of Abi Nawfal El Khazen in his rule a general manager of his authority and of course, the Khazen Cheikhs carried on managing Keserwan as their grandfathers did.

In year 1771, Emir Youssef, nephew of Emir Mansour, replaced him on his request; the Khazen Cheikhs approved such request. Following this, Emir Youssef ruled the country but with supervision of his uncle Emir Mansour and the Khazen Cheikhs. Emir Youssef admired the Khazen Cheikhs who carried on running matters of Keserwan. Emir youssef was very attached to the Khazen Cheikhs and needed their advices as to how to rule the country. Emir Youssef wished to transfer authority to Cheikh Rameh son of Haidar son of Keiss son of Abi Nawfal El Khazen as to areas in Jbeil and Batroun and become in addition to Keserwan, their county; he wanted his generation to come have this county in heritage.

Emir Youssef met his death in 1792, executed by Ahmed Al Jazzar Pasha in Acre. After this circumstance, Emir Bashir son of Emir Qassem son of Emir Omar son of Emir Haidar Shehab ruled the country.