Is it About HIV?  Hidden Agenda!

Written by Malek Khazen

Reading the news these last 2 weeks in regards of the visit of His Holiness the Pope to Africa all what I find are extreme articles carrying hidden agenda against Catholics and clergy positions. You might be surprised and wonder is there new positions about condom use from the Catholics Church that we are not aware of? No they are not!! This is the disturbing part of it. These are ideological, spiritual believes that never changed and the Church has always argued against the use of condoms.

I will cite some titles of articles that were posted only during the days between Mach 26th and March 30th. The purpose of me citing these articles is to outline the extremism in most of the media thoughts.

1.         Wrong Message from the PopeWashington post March 30th

2.         Pope ‘distorted’ HIV evidence  – ‎Mar 27, 2009‎

3.         Please Pontiffs Remain In Rome New Vision – ‎Mar 27, 2009‎

4.         Pope damns condoms in AIDS-ravaged Africa Vancouver Sun – ‎Mar 27, 2009‎

5.         Facebook group attacks the Vatican with condom campaign  – ‎Mar 27, 2009‎

6.         The Catholic Church should put its own house in order Daily Nation – ‎Mar 26, 2009‎

As you can notice, these journalists (I am not sure if they should be called Journalists), only from the titles of their articles (or should I say propaganda) are not looking for a debate, and/or resolving the HIV sickness  but rather looking to clash with the Catholics in general and specifically with the Catholics Church. The second important point is that this is only a small illustration of the propaganda that Vatican has been dealing with since a decade until now and most importantly this is only 6 articles out of thousands of cartoons and articles mocking the Holy Father. Also, these articles are not just written by ordinary people, but they are published within the biggest Media networks where it is read by thousands of users. Unfortunately I am a person where my article will just be published in my website, twitter account and facebook not much. You can argue I don’t have the skills. Or my English is weak. But then, my question to you is how come all of these huge networks where articles were published were all one sided articles not offering an alternative or an efficient debate about condoms but rather a Personal attack against the Holy Father?

To get back to the purpose of my article it outlines how extreme the position of these journalists and the media is and how unwilling they are to really resolve or improve the HIV crisis in Africa. Let us stand back, I would like to ask all of these journalists with extreme positions what did they achieve for the AID campaign in Africa? It is a simple question.  Were they waiting for the Pope visit to remember about HIV horrors in Africa? It seems as if they are holding the Pope position responsible of the AIDS crisis in Africa. If it was a condom issue why do we find AIDS in Europe, USA and many other developed countries? It is true that the number of citizens in these developed countries carrying HIV virus is not as big in numbers as in Africa. But I can argue that Education, economic growth, social relations and relation plays a very important role to decrease these numbers and not only condoms.

Let us consider for a moment (I don’t believe that this is the case) that these authors really believe that condoms is the solution or let us say part of the solution is to use condoms. Then, My suggestion to these journalists instead of attacking and holding extremist positions against the Church and alienating some Catholics as myself try holding an open and respectful debate, valid questions without disrespecting the Clergy. Yes we need to differ; this is the only way to advance to continuously have debates. Imagine we all have the same stand then we will never be able to challenge ourselves whatever is the topic.

If you really would like to advance or find a solution on any topic, Is this the way you have an institution as large and respectful as the Church to review their stands by insulting them? Or my question to these authors are you using these articles to promote yourself and just to attack the Church with “No Real Solution” offered. This is what it seems to be the case.  Its purpose is to attract more readers or sympathizers around your cause whatever it is? The condom may play a role. But let us not fool ourselves. These attacks has nothing to do with condoms or HIV but its one purpose is for the own benefit of unclear agenda that aim to discredit the Catholic Church.  Their attacks started a decade ago. But when people believe in a cause they offer alternatives. Hence my point extremist position equals non-acceptance of the other, equals failure and no alternative offered.


If they really want to fix the issue, this is not the approach.. if they really believe that condoms is the key solution or part solution they should bring up the topics within their own parishioner, community discuss this in a civilized matter. But attacks disrespecting our pointiff are shameful and will not solve anything.

What I have to say to these people you will fail your extreme position not against HIV sickness but against the Church will fail!! It could have been a great debate about poverty, economical alienation, education condoms all but you don’t want this kind of debate because you know that HIV is not your problem. But your problem is the Church and how to discredit it!!

I suggest to Catholics not to use their religion for personal gain to get more hits to your article or to use it to become more famous. Ask yourself the first question why am I writing this article? Is it really condemning the Pope position against AIDS or is it used to condemn the whole church for personal use. Ask yourself if this is the real topic what did I do to improve HIV in Africa? Did I ever visit the continent? Did I ever sent donations for these cause? Did I ever discuss it in my parishioner and community? Did I send a letter to the Vatican?

In regards of non-Catholics we are used of these attacks. We have endured them since the creation of Christianity and when our savior, the Messiah came to earth. I don’t even want to know the purpose or what you want to get from these attacks and extreme position but you will fail. Because we will fight you back with Love, with acceptance with openness as we have done for 2000 years until now and we will continue!! This is our message. And the message of peace and love is what will prevail.

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Malek el Khazen