Reuters Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday an Israeli strike on Syria would be considered an attack on the whole Islamic world that would bring a

She said the message was being sent through numerous diplomatic channels and added: “I think they understand the need to exercise restraint.” she said Syria has been “Sheltering the people who have been perpetrating these acts” Against Israel, including launching rocket attacks into northern Israel and abducting Israeli soldiers.

 “Syria needs to act responsibly and stop the use of its territory for these kinds of activities. They need to bring all pressure on those that it is harboring to stop this and to return these soldiers and to allow the situation to be de-escalated,” Rice said.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia blamed “elements” inside Lebanon for the violence with Israel, in unusually frank language directed at Hizbullah and its Iranian backers.

 “A distinction must be made between legitimate resistance and uncalculated adventures undertaken by elements inside (Lebanon) and those behind them without recourse to the legal authorities and consulting and coordinating with Arab nations,” a statement published on the official news agency SPA said.

 “These elements should bear the responsibility for their irresponsible actions and they alone should end the crisis they have created.”