My opinions are my own. By Malek el Khazen

Looking ahead to 2024-2025, the business landscape is filled with potential. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of potential new startups that may be poised to become major players. These predictions are based on current trends, innovations, and market movements.

AI Cloud Infrastructure and GPU Computing:

CoreWeave, Lambda Labs, Digital Reality: These companies specialize in cloud infrastructure and GPU services for AI, deep learning, and cloud computing. Generative AI and Model Development:

Mistral AI, AI21 Labs, Cohere, Hugging Face, Midjourney, Leonardo AI, CleanML, Anyscale AI, Deepset, Deepgram, Modal AI, Lightning AI, Landing AI, OctoML, Armilla AI: Focus on advanced AI models, language processing, and generative art, pushing the boundaries of AI innovation.

AI in Healthcare and Drug Discovery:

BenevolentAI, Insilico Medicine, Atomwise: These companies use AI for groundbreaking drug development and treatments.


OneTrust, Sayari Labs, CrowdStrike, SailPoint, Cyera, Quantexa, Swimlane, Cribl, Resilio, Ditto (IOT): They are at the forefront of cybersecurity solutions, specializing in data protection, threat intelligence, identity management, and IoT security.

Hardware Innovations:

JTIX, Infineon, Oxford Quantum, Brainchip, Lightmatter, Pika Labs, D-Matrix: These companies are leading the way in neuromorphic computing, quantum computing, and open-source GPU technology.

Trends Prediction:

Prompt Engineering Jobs: Will disappear with the rise of Gen AI models automatically incorporating prompt engineering as a function of GenAI

Shipping Industry: Drones is the future of delivery.

Token Consumption by Gen AI Models: Unlimited token use is starting for GenAI.

Small Language Models: Serving as extensions to larger AI models (Microsoft leading the way Orca 2 and Mistral).

Healthcare Transformation: Gen AI’s impact could dramatically increase lifespan.

Semiconductor Industry: Shifting focus to energy-efficient hardware.

Quantum Computing: Companies like Microsoft are leading.

Automation and AI: Key in improving supply chain management.

Generative AI in Retail: AI advisors are becoming a reality.

Industrial Digitalization and Generative AI: Transforming industries.

3D Interoperability: Essential in manufacturing and design.

Modernizing Vehicle Production: Automotive industry embracing generative AI. Final Thought: Superintelligent AI isn’t on the immediate horizon, but Gen AI will excel in specific tasks. The idea of robots or AI taking over the world remains in the realm of science fiction. Technologies like robot are still in early stages. AI, much like calculators, enhances specific functions but doesn’t replace all human capabilities and gen AI will not replace human. The evolution brought by Gen AI is evident in the job market. Two decades ago, remote work was a novelty; today, it’s the norm. Jobs like social media consultants didn’t exist then but are vital now. Gen AI is set to further evolve the job landscape, much as previous technological advances have but will not take over the world or our job landscape. I used GPT4 for editing