Have you been hoping for a great year? Finally, you may be in "luck." You may have to work hard for it, but at the same time, 2013 will be dominated by making strong connections with others in an area your life may have been lagging.


Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Uranus in Aries, the Moon in Leo, and Venus in Sagittarius form a wide trine that will keep you busy, but it will be a good busy. One person or another will set into motion circumstances that will keep you on your toes, creating new connections to other people and possibly allowing you to make deeper inroads into a more profound romantic life. The people outside your circle may even say how lucky you are, but you will know that your efforts are based on hard work.


Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Mercury, Pluto, and the Sun are all posited in Capricorn. Capricorn is generally regarded as a business-oriented sign, which indicates a great deal of hard work. Pluto, the planet of wealth, will make sure your efforts aren’t unrewarded. You may think that things are coming just a little too easy, but don’t wait for the other shoe to drop! If you’re getting more than you’ve gotten previously, you’ve earned it all the way.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): The start of the year puts Jupiter, planet of success and good fortune, in lofty Gemini, high in the sky, forming a sextile with Uranus, the planet of luck, in fiery Aries… a truly lucky combination for you. In addition, one of the two incomplete Grand Trines involves Air Signs: Jupiter, planet of luck and success, in Gemini, the Ascendant in Libra, the sign ruling partnerships, and Mars, planet of energy and action, in Aquarius, planet of group activities as well as the future. This means energy within your intellect will create success. Your problem-solving abilities will be at their apex, helping to find solutions with remarkable ease.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): The second incomplete Grand Trine is a water trine involving the Midheaven in Cancer, the sign ruling home and family. There is also Saturn, planet of perseverance as well as career matters, in Scorpio, and Neptune, planet of romance and idealism, in romantic and psychic Pisces. This trine creates an environment of elevated spiritual and emotional strength. Aided by a Solar Eclipse in early November, this year is bookended by aspects that are conducive to happy reunions, joyous reconciliations, and strong romantic connections.




Remember, though: Don’t sit back on your laurels and expect the cosmos to just materialize gifts out of thin air. The planetary aspects are there to be used and manipulated. And when stressful aspects appear, you can make the most of them as well. You are the master here, and the aspects for 2013 are just giving you a boost. Start making progress by reading your sign’s free 2013 forecast!


Aries Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Aries horoscope 2013 is going to be a mixture of many feelings and experiences all at once. Your success at work place will take you to the cloud 9, but a little negative atmosphere at home won’t let you enjoy much. This year you would be able to save a lot of money that you are going to spend on your family. Your expenses are not a matter of concern as finance seems to be very fine this year. If you are in a relationship then you are advised to be careful in handling the situations, whereas all the situations will favor you if you are single. There are chances that some fake people will win your trust by making false promises. You are required to learn the difference between false vows and genuine interest otherwise you might have to face a big betrayal. If you are a student and looking for an institution then stay alert in choosing the one. According to horoscope 2013, the environment at your workplace is going to be very comfortable. There are also chances that a new member will be added to your family that could be new born baby or someone in your family might get married. Avoiding your health related issues in any case will serve you badly this year. Keep yourself away from extra hours of work…More

Taurus Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Taurus horoscope

You are going to enjoy wonderful phase of time. Apart from your health, you are going to turn the card of success in your favor in all walks of your life. Your present planetary position is indicating toward mental and physical satisfaction. You might get promoted to a higher level at your workplace. You will come over all the troubles with ease. Relationship with all the members of the family will get stronger. Apart from some little arguments, the environment of the home will remain pleasant. The only thing that can ruin your mental peace for some time is your declining health. But, there is nothing to worry much as faster recovery is also foreseen. People who are planning to get married might meet their soul mates in the year 2013. In all, the love life of the people falling under Taurus is going to be delightful. However, horoscope 2013 is also saying that you should definitely not take conflicts with your beloved for granted. There are chances that you might get involved in some sort of business, which will give you profits in all possible ways. Any Government official might help you in your business. If you are already a businessman then you will gain higher profits from foreign sources. This all doesn’t mean that the year is not good for the people who are in job. You people will impress your seniors and fetch full credits for your work. You can invest and save your money safely in 2013…More

Gemini Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Gemini horoscope

In 2013, you will put as much efforts as you can, but will end up with broken expectations. You will surely get some positive results, but the problem is that your efforts will deserve even better. These situations will upset you from time to time. The stress of not getting expected results will also affect your health severely. Horoscope 2013 is asking you to be positive. It is all the matter of time that everything and everyone seems to be against you. Your friends might deny supporting you whenever needed. It is not at all a good time to rely on anyone except you yourself. You will be spending money on useless matters and therefore won’t be able to save much money. People at workplace will doubt your ability to do better work but once you win their trust, you might get promoted or a little bonus. Try not to mess up things with your beloved. Some little issues might pop up between you two which might result into a big argument. Precautions are always better than cure. Therefore, you are advised to be careful and very attentive this year. Students seeking good results in exams might also have to face disappointments or they have to work day and night to get good results…More


Cancer Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Cancer horoscope

It is believed that Cancer is the luckiest sign and even the year 2013 is endowing luck to the Cancerians. This luck will help Cancer people to excel professionally and also to take their love life at greater height. But, they might have to face some disappointments in domestic life. You might get blamed for the things that you didn’t do. It will happen due to some misunderstanding among the members of your family. Declining health of the people you love will also give you tensions. If you are already in a love relationship then it is a perfect time to take it to the other level i.e. engagement as predicted in the Horoscope 2013. If you are single and looking for a serious love relationship then put some efforts for this purpose, you will definitely get success. Try not to avoid other important things while enjoying the beauty of your love life. You are full of new and creative ideas and will execute all your innovative ideas at your workplace. The bold initiatives taken by you will impress your seniors and they will praise you for your work. The sources of income will improve. You can go for some sort of investments after considering all the pros and cons. You would be able to save a good amount of money easily. Students can expect better results in their exams…More


Leo Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Leo horoscope

Your life in the year 2013 is going to be extraordinarily good. Your stars are blessing you and giving you the best of what they have. You might indulge yourself in some spiritual activity and will be a part of religious events throughout the year. These things and the positive environment at home will give you an inner satisfaction and feeling of completeness. You will get many chances to showcase your talent in front of the world and will be appreciated by almost everyone around you. You might plan a tour with your beloved which will add more flavors to your relationship. Avoid arguments at any cost as they might result into big relationship troubles for you. Do not be over possessive about the person you love. You will increase the circle of your work and will add new talented people into your circle. You will be respected by your fellow colleagues and senior officials for the efforts you put in your work. You might also travel for the purpose of business. This business trip will open up new opportunities to flourish your business. You are not going to spend much of your money on useless things which will ultimately result into the savings of your money. It is the best time to buy some property or plot if you wish to buy…More


Virgo Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Virgo horoscope

It is difficult to sum up the events of the year 2013 in one word for you people. You will experience good as well as bad situations simultaneously. Your family and beloved will support you in all the conditions. You might go to religious places such as some renowned temples. You will have an increased faith in the power of Almighty and will leave no chance of thanking him for his blessings. You will be very fortunate in terms of love. Single people might get engaged and lovers will find peace and tranquility together. This phase of your life can be termed as a soothing phase. Apart from some ailments, you will enjoy good health whole year. If you are already suffering from an old disease then you might get relieved this year. Professional challenges are ready to grab you. So, you are advised to stay alert and give your best. Everything will depend on your endeavors at work place. This means that your good work will gain respect and appreciation, but if you took the challenges lightly then you might have to face scolding. If you are expecting a gain from your old property then your expectation will be fulfilled and will give you enough of reasons to be happy. You need to take care of your finance as money will keep on slipping out of your hands..More


Libra Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Libra horoscope

Libra, you people are often known for your diligence. You have to be a little more diligent in the year 2013. Every field of your life is demanding more attention and efforts. Be attentive and observe every situation seriously before acting on any issue. This year is not going to be too good for you people. Therefore, it is very necessary to think before acting. Your words will be taken in wrong sense by your family members and beloved. Even if you don’t mean it, you will end up hurting the people you love the most. You will be very insecure regarding your relationship; this might ruin the peace of your mind. Your colleagues at work place will create many obstacles in your way to let you down. If you didn’t deal with it at the right time then you will have to face the consequences later. Your working partners will disappoint you with their negative attitude toward work. You might even break up some of your partnerships for better results. Inconsistency in finance will keep you worried for a longer duration of time. Sources of income will reduce and you will strive for financial improvement. The year 2013 doesn’t seem to be fair to the students as well. They will keep on trying their best but will not get fruitful results. The people who are looking for a job need to be very careful as they might trust some fraud company. With the predictions of horoscope 2013, you will lead your life with optimism…More

Scorpio Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Scorpio horoscope

Mixed results from the year 2013 are foreseen for you people. Your life will take unpredictable turns and you won’t have any choice other than welcoming those turns. You might organize a religious event at your home, which will deliver an environment of peace and affection. Due to an unknown negative vibe, your family members will stay disturbed and this will upset you too. After the successful execution of that religious event, you will be relieved from all the negative vibes. You will go through the phase of bad health in the mid months of the year 2013, but your stars are indicating toward quick recovery. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid consumption of liquor. A healthy and enjoyable time is predicted with your love interest. You are advised to maintain transparency in your relationship as any hidden secret will ruin the affection between you two. Married couple might expect a baby this year. An average time is foreseen for you people professionally. You might invest your time in completing the pending work and planning a new business. This period is best in terms of growth. If you are in service sector, your job will help you grow in all senses. You will learn to be hardworking and responsible toward your duties. You will also take help of any experienced person to take an important decision related to your work…More


Sagittarius Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Sagittarius horoscope

You are believed to be highly interactive. This nature of yours will get you many profitable professional proposals in your court. You will attract many well established business personalities with your knowledge and sense of humor. As suggested in the horoscope 2013, you will have to be very selective while dealing with people as there are good as well as bad people around you. You will face ups and downs as far as your domestic life is concerned. Your family will try to understand you but your carefree character is out of their understanding. In spite of these differences, they will support you wherever possible. With all the other things, you take your love relationship for granted. This will do no good to you this year. Second half of the year might bring happiness related to love but initial months are not at all in favor of your love life. You might face a very bad situation at workplace, which will invite defame into your favor. Sooner or later you will finally get a hold on that situation. People will notice your urge to make the things right and will help you for the same too. There wouldn’t be any harm to you in terms of finance. You will enjoy the constant flow of income whole year. There is also a strong possibility of increment in income…More

Capricorn Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Capricorn horoscope

Being humble every time will not be good for you, as predicted in the horoscope 2013. Year 2013 is asking you to fight for your happiness. You wouldn’t feel happy because of the declining health of your parents and negative atmosphere at home. There would be a huge gap in the understanding of you and your family members, which will result into useless disputes. You will not like the interference of your relatives in your personal matters. All these issues can be resolved by keeping patience in your character. Professionally, you are going to fly high. Every risk taken by you will turn to victory and people will start seeking your advice for their betterment too. You will be noticed, admired and praised for your intelligent work all over. If you are in a love relationship then you need to be aware of all the happenings. A so called friend might try to ignite a flame of misunderstanding between you two. But, it seems that your bond is above all the misunderstandings and trust is the thing that keeps your relationship alive. You might get worried for the health of your beloved with family members too. If you are single then there are chances of starting a relationship with someone really good. Stability in finance is also predicted for you people…More

Aquarius Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Aquarius horoscope

2013 is going to be an average year for you. You will develop some ego by the end of the year, which will lead you to bitterness in relationships with your family members. Before that, everything will be perfectly fine at your home. Horoscope 2013 is indicating toward a different year for you. You will judge everyone else but not you, which is not a good thing. Year seems satisfying from the professional point of view. Some very successful and experienced people might offer their help and partnership for your business. You might also get help from a government official, which will bestow fruitful results to you. Your competitors are going to be highly active and you would like to do competition with them, as you know that you have the ability of outshining amongst all. People in job will also go through a wonderful time and might get some perks related to job. If you are planning to switch over your job then many great opportunities are waiting for you. You won’t be able to give happiness to your beloved and will add problems to your relationship yourself. Try to give more time and understanding to your love interest to make them feel important. No major transition is seen in finance. If there would be some change then it is definitely going to be positive…More


Pisces Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Pisces horoscope

The forecast of horoscope 2013 is showing that the stars are not going to favor you this year. It will be quite difficult for you to cope up with the unfavorable situations. Simple complications will take the shape of major conflicts with just a blink of your eye and you wouldn’t be able to do anything. You will try to make your family happy but will get no credits for that. Restlessness will keep on haunting you from time to time. You would not be able to find mental peace anywhere. You will be misunderstood by the people around you and even your loved one will fail in the task of understanding you. If you have never been very serious about your love life, it is the time to repent it all. It is predicted in Horoscope 2013 that to save your love life, you will have to leave your nature of taking things for granted. Disputes with a senior official such as your boss is foreseen, which will directly or indirectly have an adverse effect on your profession. However, your income will be constant. Risk related to investment of money must be avoided at any cost. Keeping a positive approach toward life will help you dealing with the tough times in a better way. Students should continue putting their 100% efforts to get favorable results…More