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Month: June 2004

Origins of the Khazen Family

Author: Eliane Gebara (translated in English)

Eliane Gebara: The El Khazen family represents among the great Lebanese families a rather unique fact: as far back as time goes back in time, they are Maronites and have never changed their religious affiliation to the price of political ambitions. Instead, they took advantage of their confession to obtain several advantages, the least being that of consuls of France since Louis XIV.

Their origins are rather vague: they are said to be nomads of the Ghassanid tribe who, from the year 1100, moved between Damascus, Nablus, Houran and Yammoune and finally settled in Jaj, a small village above Jbeil. It is to the family’s aieul, the sub-deacon Sarkis el-Khazen, that we owe the first obvious trace of the family: indeed, he translated the Gospel into karchouni


It is 1584, Emir Korkomaz, son of Fakhreddine I, takes refuge in a cave of Jezzine and died there by fumigation because, unable to reach it, the orders of the wali Ibrahim Pasha were to light harmful herbs at the front of his refuge. Sensing his certain death, he asked his wife Nassab to leave him and secure his two children Fakhreddine and Younes. She flees, takes refuge in Deir el-Kamar at Sheikh Kiwan’s house, managing her husband’s business, and asks him to hide her children in Kesrouan with people she trusts. At night and in secret, Sitt Nassab and the two little princes are taken to Balloune and entrusted to Ibrahim ibn Chidiac Sarkis el-Khazen, known as Abu-Sakr.

In French Traditions in Lebanon, published in 1918 in Paris, the French consul Rene Ristelhueber wrote: “Not only the Khazen carefully hid the princely children, long ignorant of their illustrious birth, but they contributed to a large part to their education. Together with their tutor Cheiban, also Maronite, they cultivated the lively and precise intelligence of the young Fakhreddine

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Chidiac Sarkis El Khazen (Origin of El Khazen family)

الشدياق سركيس الخازن، جد العائلة الخازن

يرجع اصل بيت الخازن الى جدهم الأعلى الشدياق سركيس الخازن. اما ما جاء عنهم في كتاب الأصول التاريخية وفي تاريخ شيبان وبعض المخطوطات من ان اصل هذه العائلة من الحجاز او من اليمن وانهم من بني غسان او غيرهم وانهم منذ سنة 1100 كانوا يتنقلون بين الشام ونابلوس وبلدة اذرع في حوران واليمونة ونحلة في جهات بعلبك الى ان حلوا آخر مراحلهم في جاج ، وان والد الشدياق سركيس كان اسمه الياس ، فتلك آراء ما تزال قيد البحث والتمحيص. وكذا القول عن بعض الأسر اللبنانية وعن اتصال نسبها بجدود بيت الخازن، عسى الأيام تكشف ما هناك من غوامض. اما الثابت فهو ان الشدياق سركيس الخازن انتقل من جاج الى البوار سنة 1545 م ونسخ فيها كتابي الانجيل وريش قربان بالخط الكرشوني ثم صعد الى بلونة في ارض عجلتون وتوطن فيها مع عياله . وفي سنة 1570 توفي عن ولدين هما ابو صقر ابراهيم وابو صافي رباح . والى هذين الفرعين يعود جميع افراد العائلة وبهما يتصل كل واحد بالجد الأصلي الشدياق سركيس بن الخازن.


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