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Hezbollah chief blasts Lebanon’s response to Russia-Ukraine conflict

By In response to Hezbollah speech, where is Hezbollah about their intervention in all of the gulf countries and neutrality policy?  Instead of blasting the Lebanese, giving lessons and imposing an Iranian State in Lebanon, Hezbollah should start respecting the Lebanese constitutions.

by Lorientlejour — BEIRUT – Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah Tuesday criticized Lebanon’s formal stance on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which demanded a stop to the war, saying “we should have told the United States we don’t want to be your slaves.”

Here’s what we know:

• The Lebanese Foreign Ministry had said in a statement the day the Russian invasion began that it condemns the “invasion of Ukraine” and “calls on Russia to immediately stop military operations.”

• In a speech, Nasrallah claimed that the Foreign Ministry’s statement “not only took the US stance, but was written at the American embassy.”

• Regarding Lebanon voting in favor of a UN resolution condemning Russia’s actions, Nasrallah said that Lebanon should have simply “abstained from voting.”

• Referring to the “neutral position” of Lebanese foreign policy, which Hezbollah’s rivals in politics call for, Nasrallah said “where was it when Lebanon was voting on the UN resolution.” He added that Lebanon “should not take this position [of neutrality], but should deal with foreign policy matters case by case.”

• Nasrallah also criticized what he called the biased stance of the world in regard to Ukraine, saying “what about all the war that the US has made in Afghanistan and Iraq? What about the Israeli crimes in Palestine? The Saudi war in Yemen?”

• Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Naim Qassem on Thursday launched the party’s electoral campaign in four constituencies during a speech in the southern suburbs of Beirut. He also repeated Nasrallah’s stance that the elections should go ahead as planned and occur on time.

Last Wednesday, Nasrallah expressed his certainty that the polls will take place on May 15, saying, “do not think that there is anything that will lead to the postponement of the elections.” Nasrallah also announced the party’s candidates for several districts.

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